Using the same principles employed in my popular “Really Easy Cartooning” presentation, students learn to create basic landscape thumbnails that they can translate into more finished works of art using readily available mediums.

With the techniques shown in this one hour session, students will be able to render landscape, seascape and still life concepts with a new found confidence.
As with my cartoon course, teachers charged with arts instruction will be able to use this information to build on and show how it relates to other subjects, such as geometry, geography, logic and simple science.

The samples shown here are thumbnail roughs done in ink and coloured pencil and then computer enhanced.

My courses and methods have sparked the interest of a good number of students over the years who have since found careers as artists, animators, illustrators and designers. It may be that a student in your school just needs that one hour in my class to recognize their goals.
How much does it cost? Only $5.00 per student, which could lead to a lifetime of satisfaction.