Recent Reviews

I recently asked teachers to rate my performance for their students. Here are some of their replies. The presentations were done for students from Grade 1-8
Question: Did I communicate well with your students?

Yes. You used examples that students could relate to and spoke clearly, using language they understood.
You captured all the students’ attention. You spoke to their level, loud and clear.
You spoke in a clear voice and explained each concept well. Students were able to follow your instructions. You included humour and had a good rapport with them.

Question: Was my presentation informative?

Yes. You explained the knowledge required well.
Very informative!
Yes. It’s fascinating how all your drawings began with a simple shape.

Question: In your opinion, did the students benefit from this presentation?

Yes. You showed techniques that they could use right away.
Yes. I hope this will give them greater confidence in drawing.
The students seemed engaged and interested in the topic.

Question: Would you recommend this presentation to other schools?

Yes. Anyone who teaches art would find that cartooning is a fun and accessible unit (i.e. even those not skilled in art can learn basic skills).
Yes! It was very informative.

Question: Please comment on any aspect of the presentation.

You have a natural flair for working with young people. They were very attentive.
The students really enjoyed your presentation. I like how you built suspense by not telling the students what characters you were drawing so they were engaged.
You broke down the steps so that all students could practice the skills.